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New hosting

I just spent an hour or so sorting out new hosting. Free hosting though. Nothing fancy, because this site doesn’t require any. Used to pay my previous hosting for something which I didn’t really use. Not smart.

Also this post goes under Blog suggesting that I might be blogging or writing or ranting or whatever you may call it again. The last time I did was 5 years ago.

But again, is blogging even relevant in 2017? Google it up. Opinions vary, but most of the (internet) population agree – blogs are becoming irrelevant. Interesting indeed. It is not hard to understand why.

It is all about audience.

So if you enjoy writing…well for yourself, then I think blogging is still relevant. We all have our own reasons to do so right? But when audience is key, then blog (maybe) not quite relevant anymore.¬† Just look at the situation now. It is estimated 1.8 billion people are connected via Facebook. That is about 25% of the world population. Do you still want to blog for audience?


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